Grazer Boards

Our Grazer boards are our speciality.

The Italian One


The Italian One is our 1 metre luxury Walnut wooden boards heavily layered in the finest hams, salamis, cheeses, olives, breads and oils from all over Italy, incorporating tastes from across the entire country with Nocellara olives from Sicily and salami from Brianza, in the Monza region of Northern Italy. 

Guilty Grazer


The Guilty Grazer is for a truly spectacular display to truly blow the minds and tantalise the taste buds of your guests with miniature deserts layered across the board including mini raspberry and Sicilian lemon cheesecakes, handmade profiteroles and thumb sized French Macarons scattered throughout.

Guilt-less Grazer


The Guilt-less Grazer is one for the healthy squad.

It is a densely layered board of fruit, vegetables both raw and cooked incorporating homemade guacamole with Sardinian flatbreads, tomato and chilli Bruschetta made with several varieties of tomatoes to add vibrant colour including the Black Ethiopian variety and the Garden Peach yellow coloured tomatoes.  

The Bespoke One


Our bespoke Grazer Boards are as they sound, bespoke.

We can incorporate your requests and suggestions into your own tailored board helping to give you full control over what your guests are served and ensure you include everything you want.

All our boards can be tailored to dietary requirements and can include Vegan and Vegetarian options.

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